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EveryMatrix Partners with Personal Betting Company WikiBetting

EveryMatrix Partners with Personal Betting Company WikiBetting

Supplier of computer software for the internet gambling industry EveryMatrix announced today that it has finalized another key partnership. The company has teamed up with provider of social betting solutions WikiBetting and beneath the regards to their agreement EveryMatrix is always to circulate the latter’s content.

Controlled by the Malta Gaming Authority, the P2P social betting platform is 1st one of its sort to be granted a license by the regulator under class 4. The company has already partnered with online gambling operator Sportingbet and online gaming solutions provider Offsidegaming.

WikiBetting was created using the reason for reintroducing the social aspects into the constantly growing and highly competitive on line gambling market, which is currently dominated by products related to poker, casino, and activities wagering. These products produced by WikiBetting are targeted at tapping into a specific, brand new demographic of gambling customers and also at providing those an innovative personalized betting approach which makes it possible they want to for them to practically bet on whatever.

The business has additionally said so it provides gambling operators risk-free revenue opportunities and can assist those with player purchase and retention.

Commenting on his business’s latest partnership, EveryMatrix CEO Ebbe Groes stated which they are really thrilled to have WikiBetting’s services and products as an element of their ever-growing profile and that they believe social wagering will many positively attract a new selection of players with their current clients.

Representatives for WikiBetting stated that it means too much to them to possess their product providing distributed by EveryMatrix, which, among other activities, is famous for the ‘innovative straight back office.’ It seems that WikiBetting is determined to help the most popular software supplier in diversifying offering for gambling operators through the addition of the social wagering solution. Hence, video gaming businesses working together with EveryMatrix are offered the opportunity to increase their revenues and customers base by focusing on new demographics and areas.

With both EveryMatrix and WikiBetting having groups in Malta, the 2 companies believe through their partnership and joint work they’ll be in a position to secure the further development of these products offered, thus optimizing user experience and driving income growth.

Mediatech Possibilities Software to Power Fair Enjoy On-line Casino

Spanish provider of gaming services and products for the managed gambling markets announced it has penned a partnership contract with Dutch supplier of gaming solutions and casino operator Janshen-Hahnraths Group B.V.

Following a conclusion associated with deal, Mediatech possibilities is to produce the video gaming group’s Fair Enjoy chain of land-based gambling venues having a new casino that is online its IRIS video gaming platform. The Janshen-Hahnraths Group presently operates 42 such venues under the Fair Play brand name, situated across the Netherlands. The operator is to launch its Fair Play on line gaming internet site this summer time. The casino that is online received a license and will be regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

The contract involving the two video gaming organizations enables Fair Enjoy on the web to make the most of a rich suite of real-money gaming titles, including slots games produced by Microgaming.

Commenting on the agreement that is latest, Jessica Ordovas, Founder and CEO of Mediatech possibilities said in a declaration from previous today that offered Fair Play’s ‘extensive land-based heritage’ across the Netherlands, the brand has every possiblity to attain the exact same success and gain the same appeal online. According to Ms. Ordovas, the brand name will be able to do so by leveraging Mediatech Solutions’ product offering to give its online gambling clients with world-class video gaming experience.

The executive further added that utilizing the newly introduced video gaming laws, holland is to be a crucial part in her company’s expansion strategy. Ms. Ordovas revealed that Mediatech Solutions happens to be investing heavily in the Dutch online gambling market and that they genuinely believe that its efforts will bring about many advantages when the last version of the country’s new legislation is completed and published.

Last thirty days, it was established that provider of solutions for the land-based gaming industry R. Franco Group had purchased a majority stake in Mediatech possibilities. Hence, two major players in Spain’s online and gambling that is land-based, respectively, joined up with forces to produce gambling operators from around the globe with an extensive selection of gaming options.

Underneath the regards to the agreement, R. Franco incorporated Mediatech Solutions’ IRIS gaming platform and all 1,500 games it powers. In addition, the two organizations agreed Mediatech possibilities’ management to keep in place at its Madrid head office.

Everi Secures Complete EMV Compliance across All United States Platforms

Provider of gaming and re payment solutions Everi Holdings Inc., previously referred to as worldwide Cash Access, announced that most its financial deal solutions and devices operating in amount of casinos throughout the United States are now fully EMV-compliant. In fact, Everi is among the most very first business associated to the gambling industry to offer the EMV-chip signature option on its ATMs.

Commenting in the latest announcement, Everi Executive Vice President of Payments, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary Juliet Lim said they’ve all worked very difficult in order to make certain that each of their services and products would be EMV compliant. In the last months that are several Everi employees have updated more than 7,000 devices positioned in casinos across the country.

Ms. Lim further noted that along with her company now being completely compliant using the EMV chip technology, its existing trucchi slot zeus customers will hopefully prepare well for its introduction at their gambling venues.

Founded in 1998, Everi, that has been formerly called international money Access, may be the company that is only the gambling industry to deliver not merely monetary transaction solutions but also gaming ones, including slot machines.

Everi CEO and Interim President Michael Rumbolz stated that their business has emerged whilst the to begin its sort to deliver A emv that is full to be able to address their clients’ fraud prevention issues. Mr. Rumbolz additionally noticed that their consumers have actually to date provided feedback that is positive Everi’s contribution with their effortless and seamless change to your newly introduced EMV technology-ready systems and related products.

The popularity of the EMV chip technology has increased quite a lot within the last many years and the fraud prevention tool has gradually converted into a standard that is international debit and credit card payments. Broadly speaking, microprocessor potato chips containing and protecting cardholder data are incorporated into re payment tools like cellular devices and cards. To be able to authenticate deals, those interact with card visitors.

Its generally speaking believed that the EMV chip technology is really hard, if not impossible, to duplicate, unlike the magnetic debit that is strip-based bank cards. Therefore, when along with different other solutions for payment security, the application of EMV technology can reduce the risks considerably of fraud occurring whenever gambling customers are managing their funds.

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